Author: Carl Waring

You alright, hun?

You really don’t know how hard this has been. Every time I’ve thought about writing a blog again for the first time since September last year, my brain has frozen over. It sounds ridiculous, but I’ve felt frightened to put pen to paper, or the digital equivalent thereof. I wouldn’t care, but if the blog […]

My Primary Purpose

I am a bit like the Queen. I have had two birthdays every year for the past nine years. I have no idea which is her favourite – her official one, or her real one, but I know which is mine. It is the birthday I have today, 29th September. It is my sobriety birthday […]

7 things I’d tell my younger self

This blog has one of those really cheesy, yucky tiles. I know. I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve been thinking about the past. I don’t know whether other people who’ve got to 60 do the same thing, but I find myself playing ‘what if’ sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my lot. This […]

Don’t Get So Close To Me

I very nearly got killed two weeks ago. I was running along the village road, when a car came round a corner at a ridiculous speed. I was running towards the traffic, as is advised. I was on the road because there is no path on the village road, apart from a very short stretch […]

On Being 60

“There’s a few bob in your pocket and you’ve got good friends and it seems like summer’s never coming to an end. Young, free and innocent, you haven’t got a care, apart from decidin’ on the clothes you’re gonna wear. The street’s turned into paradise, the radio’s singing dreams, you’re innocent, immortal, you’re just fifteen. […]

Lockdown or your life?

I’m writing this on what I think is day 39 of lockdown here in the UK. It’s late Friday afternoon and I’ve finished my work for the day. I’m glad I still have work, not just for the obvious financial reasons but also because I have something meaningful that exercises my brain for large parts […]

Me, my wife and Devon Malcolm

I’m a member of a Facebook group called the Cricket Grounds Appreciation Society. It’s as anoraky and twee as it sounds, but to we cricket-lovers, shorn of the summer game that we love so much, this year, it’s becoming a bit of a godsend during these barren times. Members of the group simply post pictures […]

Just do it!

I’ve been feeling really guilty. I had this little blog built for me by the super talented Gary Hartley of The Floating Frog up in Harrogate, a few weeks ago now. ‘Can you build me a blog, Gary? Nothing fancy, just somewhere I can write without constaint and share my thoughts with people, for what […]